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We have a long story ... since '70s when Radio Time began broadcasting on FM for Tuscany in Italy and on SW for the rest of the world.Luciano Edili decided to start a FM private radio station in 1975 when he was an electrical technician. Fond of listening to the famous A M radio stations as Radio Montecarlo or Radio Luxembourg, he made a very little FM transmitter by himself, powered of only 500 mwatt that, thanks to a radio-ham aerial, broadcasted for only one district of Scandicci, in the suburbs of Florence, using a simple tape player.It was really difficult to find or make the necessary hardware which was realized in those years only for radio-hams uses. Radio Time broadcasting tests began in 1976 by means of a very customized transmitter, first used by the army during the second world war.The studios were located in Luciano’s home, a penthouse in 32, Via Deledda, Scandicci (Florence).The first frequency was 94.00 Mhz and Radio Time, with a 20 W transmitter and a ground-plain aerial, reached Florence, Prato and Pistoia.This was the beginning of Radio Time which broadcasted till 1997 on FM over almost all Tuscany and Liguria and on SW 7105 Khz all over the world.In 1984-85 it was the first radio station in Florence province, with more than 55.000 listeners a day (ISAR survey).


53 Luciano e Costantino OK.JPG

1976 - Luciano Edili e Costantino Pagnotta                  

1976 Antenna Ripetitore Poggio Al Pino

1976 - Carlo Corbani

1976 - Romano Baccani 


1976 - Marcello Borgi 

  1981 Telescrivente della radio              collegata con l'ANSA

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